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The writings of Mark Kilmer, AKA Mark Norbert Kilmer - By Common Consent
(These days "Norbert" Kilmer keeps a low profile in online expression of his ideas, beliefs or what some might call "dark fantasies". If his writings were such that they did not need need to be kept "secret" then he could have published under his usual name of Mark Kilmer, but no, these writings had to be kept under wraps. Perhaps the non-mormon readers can decide why.)

How do you get to look as "cool" as Kilmer? If any of us wrote about ourselves as some kind of superior being that went round looking cool - we'd be labelled as "having issues". And how do you get to teach anything in a fair and unbiased way if you are a mormon? And how do you respect the students in your care if they are non-mormons and therefore seen by you to be inferior souls? And- was the little trip to London more about keeping you out of the line of fire when the International Shool of Helsinki was the subject of a damning inspection following some pretty scandalous activities? The truth is out there... but maybe not in your head. Some parents might find cause... to be afraid.

Interesting... the killer of John Lennon sat down and started reading Catcher in the Rye after empltying his gun into Lennon. Not exactly a good recommendation for the book...

Did you get some kind of perverted thrill at working outside the law with your "select" group of pupils to destroy the life of a colleague? So when exactly in your life did you decide that you were above the law? Is that kind of behaviour a good example to students? Some might describe your conduct as more akin to that of a criminal mob leader abusing these young people; definitely not the bahaviour of an education professional. A modern western democracy like Finland has established and accepted legal ways of dealing with complaints about the performance or conduct of a professional. Using students as a weapon for your own egocentric need to masturbate your "intellect" over them and manipulate them does not make you any kind of virtuous citizen; it makes you into a monster.

How does a mormon chaperone a non-mormon school dance without feeling disgust for the students? The sort of dancing and music at a non-mormon school dance is going to run completely contrary to the teachings of the mormon church. Or - did this sacrifice by you for the sake of the school dance just help to massage your ego and sense of self-righteousness in standing above this disgusting non-mormon event? Or was the reality of what was going on in your head something else? Maybe it is best not to go there. So giving a lift home to a non-mormon female colleague is cause for concern over the potential to be seen and misread as a plan for sinful and - dare we use the word - "carnal" activity. Again is there a double meaning to this? Do you think you could even begin to admit to yourself that you may have actually wanted to explore this fantasy as a trip down a road full of forbidden desires which are unwritten here but may be boiling somewhere else? What would a professional psychologist make of this behaviour?

At PAM-Lingua what people believe is their business. However, if the behaviour of a person based on their beliefs is likely to run counter to the law or cause unjustified harm to another person, then maybe we should all be concerned and all be asking questions especially if we are parents.

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