Welcome to the union for language professionals in Finland!  

Join PAM-Lingua!

Membership to PAM-Lingua is open to all language teachers and other professionals whose work involves very advanced or native-speaker competence in a foreign language.

Membership is open to both wage earners and self-employed persons alike. More than 80% of wage earners in Finland are union members. Union membership is a legal right and employers may not discriminate against union members in any way. A small number of employers dislike PAM-Lingua (or better TLT), because we have stopped their unfair and illegal practices. However, most employers appreciate the advantages of an organized workforce which cares about professional standards and many actively encourage their staff to join the union.

What benefits may I get when I join?

  • Free information and advice about your rights at work and your immigration status (where applicable).
  • Free legal aid to secure your rights (after three months' membership).
  • Earning-related unemployment benefits if you meet the eligibility conditions. Language teachers are often short of work during the summer months.
  • Training benefits for the duration of occupational training provided through the labour exchange offices.
  • Invitations to workshops on language teaching and professional development.
  • Invitations to occasional seminars on employment-related subjects.
  • Invitations to two parties a year.
  • Opportunities to become involved in other union activities at local and national level.
  • A free subscription of PAM (20 issues a year published in Finnish)
  • Discount on TEBOIL service stations.
  • Reduced insurance premiums with selected insurers.
  • Access to competitive rental flats in many localities.
  • Favourable packages with some banks.
  • Discounts on travel, hotel accomodation and cruises.
  • Language courses at the Työväen Akatemia (Workers Academy) institute in Kauniainen.
  • Subsidized holidays.
  • Unions own holiday facilities. 

How much does it cost to join?

The union's services are covered from subscriptions. In 2017 the suibscription is 1.5% of taxable income and can be paid monthly by direct bank debit. Subscriptions are tax deductible and many employers agree to remit them directly from pre-tax salaries..

To retain the full benefits of union membership, you should keep your subscription up to date and advise the union office if you are not working for any period of time.

How can I find out more about PAM-Lingua?

1. Talk to your local teachers' representative.

2. Talk to the PAM-Lingua board (board(at)pam-lingua.org)

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