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At PAM-Lingua we provide a forum through which employers/businesses can find language professionals by placing their advertisement free of charge with us. On this page you will also see members who have posted their details in the event that a prospective employer/client may wish to follow up to see if they may be suitable for a role which they are trying to fill or find a contractor who can carry out a project for them. PAM-Lingua does not warrant any of the material on this page and may not be held liable for any abuse or inaccuracy that may arise from placing or using information here. What we can say is that PAM-Lingua members are normally experienced and qualified in their fields and have our support in placing their information here. Only prospective employers, clients and members of PAM-Lingua are able to advertise here. Please note that PAM-Lingua has not necessarily made any detailed working conditions review concerning the opportunities advertised on this page. We call the reader’s attention to the advice for employees provided online at www.sak.fi/en/working-life/ground-rules-working (which we assisted in drafting), and we remain willing to review the individual written employment contract of anyone working in our industry. Join your union! Working without union membership is like living in a log cabin without fire insurance.
See our terms and conditions concerning jobscene placements.

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