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Latest on funds transfer
PAM-LIngua funds transfer set to be in hand shortly.

Due to a variety of circumstances the delayed transfer of funds to Peto looks set to happen shortly. More update as an when this is achieved.

PAM-Lingua merger - now approved by the board of PAM. PAM-Lingua ceased to exist as of 30.11.2022 -
Further to the board meeting of 22 November, the main board of PAM has now approved the merger of PAM-Lingua into branch 632, Erityisammattien toimihenkilöt ry.

This branch has more members and more resources to support its members. It has welcomed PAM-Lingua's residual membership to join it.

To help PAM-Lingua members who may have any questions, this website will remain active for some time to come and the former board@pam-lingua.org email will remain operational. Thus if anyone has any questions they can still communicate with the board, who will be represented by Paul Whybrow and who will respond to emails raising questions. Paul will also be part of the merged branch and will assist in taking up questions on behalf of PAM-Lingua members.

It is hoped to arrange a social event for former PAM-Lingua members in the coming year. Paul will be in touch with the former members to see what would suit the membership.

In the meantime here are the minutes of the last board meeting:

The minutes of the meeting:

BREAKING NEWS: 06-03-2023
The residual funds held by PAM-Lingua's treasurer, Daryl Taylor, are still not reported as being transferred to the new merged branch. Is this an oversight or what? The matter should have been confirmed as closed by end January 2023 but as yet we have no news from our treasurer or PAM or anyone else for that matter - on whether the funds have been moved - for the benefit of PAM-Lingua members. We hope to report that this worrying situation is resolved very shortly.
Looking for previous content of the website?

Just go to: PAM-Lingua archive

Need to ask some questions?  - Having some work issues?

Contact for former PM-Lingua members:

Paul Whybrow - email: p.a.whybrow(at)gmail.com

You can still send an email to board@pam-lingua.com which all former board members will receive though it is unlikely that this email address will function beyond the end of May 2023.

A social event for former PAM-Lingua members is not off the cards. Contact Paul Whybrow to discuss ideas for a social special to be organised in the coming year.

Articles on expats and foreigner issues in Finland
Brexpat rights:

"Brain waste" squanders potential and talent in Finland

Brits to be charged 48 euros for right of residence

The latest rights information for Brexpats in Finland after Brexit

Discrimination if you are a foreigner. Didn't get the job?

“If there’s a worker with a Finnish name, they'll probably be hired”

"It's a no-brainer": Can startups crack Finland's workplace diversity problem?

Proposal to ease recruitment of foreign workers riles Finland's unions

Foreigners find it hard to find work in Finland


Maybe we should all learn Finnish to be employed in Finland - even in jobs where a knowledge of Finnish is not required.

Foreigners have issues opening and closing bank accounts - and can face heavy account fees. Lack of ability in English among bank personnel identified as a cause.

Finland needs foreigners to make everything work - but how do you attract workers to what can seem like a foreigner-hostile country?

Some pictures related to the achievements and challenges faced by PAM-Lingua members and their friends along the years:

Let's start with...
(all the pictures have already been self-published on the web by our "guests" below)
The infamous Jyri-Pekka Komonen facebook pic - yes the OAJ shop steward who looks after number one before looking after anyone else.
Who is he? What is he?
Would you trust him with your kids?

Divide and rule ok?

Yep, same guy, just trying to look different... must be something to do with "visionary" leadership and its price, or was that a bill?

Just do as I say...

Two of a kind? Sort it out over a drink?

What is my real name???
What I do to keep my job...
What's in the Press today? Handy services Free time