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One loves his mobile, others loved their glasses... Board member Paul Whybrow engaged in heavy discussions It doesn't take much more to "Let's get loud"


Autumn Party 2009
reported by Michael Möbius

PAM-Lingua held its traditional Autumn Party on October 24th at the usual venue in Hakaniemi. Announced as celebrating the UN-Day and including live music, this years PAM-Lingua Autumn Party seemed to lure more people in than usual.

After a slow start the conversation in the kitchen (where else!) got more intense and the food disappeared rapidly into the guests of tonight’s party. Many thanks to Vice-chair Paul Allison for dragging in a lot of food and drink! Juan Luis an his partner browsing for foodConversation took place in the kitchen - as usual

It was very nice to see members/former members of our section to come by and meet old friends. We still have reason to moan and call out to our members to participate a bit more. Don’t come only when things are not so good, also be a part of your union in good times - to celebrate the fact that things ARE going well!

Undisputed highlight of the evening, of course, was the performance of the very own PAM-Lingua Show Band band. Founded for this very occasion and spontaneously christened “Michael and the Mechanics” (by Michael Möbius of course, who wanted his name on the wall!) the band played one set of acoustic songs – MatM unplugged – and later commissioned a variety of technical equipment to rock things up a bit. In regard to the UN-day there were songs sung in different languages.Impressions from the live performance Watch the somewhat psychedelic slide show below!

The PAM-Lingua Show Band is an offspring of the known band “Mad Dogs and an Englishman” who perform around the metropolitan area. Paul Allison and Michael Möbius are members of this band. See them and listen to some music at www.maddogs.gb.com. If negotiations go well they might be persuaded to perform in all their might at the next PAM-Lingua Spring Party.

The last revellers left at about 12.30 a.m. – at least as far as the reporter can recall – and the cleanup and breakdown of the equipment took place the following day. And – as usual – we left the place as clean as we found it, thereby living up to our good reputation. And this is thanks to Daryl Taylor, Paul Allison and Michael Möbius.

So, we are basically looking forward to the next get together, hoping to see a bit more people the next time round.




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