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Founded in 1984 as Tekeri Language Teachers, PAM-Lingua is a section of PAM (Service Unions United). The section (664) has about 110 members, most of whom work for privately-owned language schools. About 90% of our members are of foreign origin.

PAM, however, is the second largest union in Finland with a membership of over 200 000, of whom roughly 80% are women. The members work in service professions in the private sector. They are employed in shops, restaurants, hotels, warehouses, offices, spas, service stations, in real estate maintenance and many other fields. They work, among others, as sales assistants, waiters, supervisors, security guards, barbers, cleaners, data processing clerks, salary clerks, product assistants, cooks and receptionists.

PAM came into existence on 28.11.1999 as the result of a merger between four unions, one of which was TEKERI (Union of Technical and Specialized Occupations).

What can PAM-Lingua do for me?

PAM-Lingua advises its members about employment conditions and problems in Finland, while protecting their rights through its legal and organizational resources. This protection is particularly important for immigrants who are often unfamiliar with the Finnish legal and administrative system.

PAM-Lingua also provides a forum for the discussion of teaching ideas and employment problems at regular meetings, seminars and workshops, as well as its magazine "OPE".


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