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Election of chairperson and recorder for the meeting.

PA was appointed as chair and MM as recorder. The meeting opened at 18.15pm.

Legality of meeting

Sufficient board members were present and the meeting was legal – meeting was announced at least 10 days before the date.

Approval of the minutes of last general meeting.

Minutes of the last AGM (24.05.2018) were approved.

Matters arising from the minutes.

There were no matters arising.

Review of operations in 2018.

As presented by PA.

During last year there were 2 board meetings (one before the AGM and one on 19.10. in preparation of the discussion event), the AGM on 24.5., the discussion event led by Juan Luis Moreno on 29.11. and a Christmas party on 8.12.. This makes us eligible for the “kannusteosa”-money from PAM.

Accounts and auditors’ report for 2018.

The accounts were circulated among the board, discussed, and approved. On overpayment to PA regarding financing the discussion event has to be sorted. The section decided to monitor the investment account (=hardship fund) because the expenses outweigh the interest paid by the bank. Covering the banking costs through the interest was the objective for setting it up in the first place. This account might be liquidated and the funds be put in one account. The issue will be reviewed at next year’s AGM at the latest.

Financial resolution.

The resolution to relieve the board of any financial responsibilities or liability was raised and approved. It shall be noted that there were only board members present at this AGM.

Election of the Chairperson and Board for 2018-2019.

PA steps down as chair, JS continues as Vice Chair. DT offered to continue as board member and treasurer. PW continues as ordinary board member. MM and JLM resigned from the board.

A chair person was not elected, instead the section carries on without a nominal chair person. PA agreed to be the liaison person to PAM and if required DT will assist with his Finnish language skills.

To relieve the board of some duties, the formation of a subcommittee for social events (parties/entertainment) was announced, members PA and MM.

A WhatsApp group for the board of PAM-Lingua was set up and all board members except PA are already in it. Also MM from the entertainment subcommittee is in the group. It was therefore decided to terminate the YAHOO-groups (TLT-board and PAM-Lingua members). This will be carried out by MM and relevant data is to be salvaged and referred to the board for safe keeping.

Election of auditors for 2018.

An audit was not deemed necessary due to very little movement in our accounts. If PAM requires an audit they should appoint a new auditor from within PAM.


There was a brief discussion that the visit od PAM executive Heidi Lehikoinen should be mentioned in OPE / on the web site. There was a lot of ideas and there seemed to be genuine interest from PAM-side toward the situation of PAM-Lingua within the whole union, but there was absolutely no follow-up after the meeting.

Regarding OPE and website, the establishment of a blog containing changing up to the minute information of PAM-Lingua affairs was suggested by MM. The standard web site would then contain only information that requires less frequent changing.


Meeting closed at 20.05

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