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Jyri-Pekka Komonen - the not so much a shop steward - but looking after himself

One former member of ISH staff once asked - "if Jyri Komonen had spent some time explaining what I could do or not do to defend myself against being bullied by the ISH administration I would have felt better at a time when my life was being ripped apart by these people and my son was being terrorised by the situation he found himself in at the school. Utterly despicable."

But otherwise Jyri is happy to have all the things that make him happy be published on the web. In any other context he would be lauded as being exactly the model modern liberally minded person and good teacher. So what is it that drives him to desert those he has agreed to help and protect?

All pictures previously published on the Internet with full consent of Jyri-Pekka Komonen

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