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The jobscene work-finder page heading for official launch - pilot now visible!

The jobscene page, which will enable prospective employers and clients to recruit relevant language professionals and which will enable PAM-Lingua members to promote their skills and services, will be with us in an matter of days. With no issues reported on the current design and terms and conditions ther way is clar for this page to go live quite fast.

While we have been traditionally associated with language teaching it is surprising to see that we have different professional abilities based around multilingualism within our union. Indeed, as a union for language professionals that can include people with disciplines as diverse as culture and computing , engineering and law. It would be reasonable for us to represent a wide range of occupations which reflect a professional use of languages in many contexts. If that helps us to help more people then we may see more growth in the branch which would in turn help us to leverage more PAM support for our members. That is perhaps a degree of wishful thinking. In any case - why not?

Members will be contacted with jobscene page information. They can then decide to sue it as and when it suits them, by advertising themselves or keeping a watch on any jobs posted as open for applicants.

Hopefully, the pages will be fully active as of the early part of week commencing 12 March. Please note that the in test version is now viewable via the links below. There is already a real job advertised on the page thanks to Akatemia in Kauniainen.

Jobscene terms and conditions

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PAM-Lingua activities in 2018

As mentioned on this page the PAM-Lingua jobscene page is going to be officially launched very soon, perhaps a matter of days and before the end of March.

We already have one interested advertiser who will be seeking summer course teaching staff. Members who would like to make their services available will be able to post their information on the page. For our part we will be sending information about the jobscene page to targets that can inform private language schools, industry and business sectors where language skills are required and potentially local and national government departments who may require language skill related assistance or even training. If you have any suggestions on areas to target please let us know and we will be happy to get in touch.

During the next two months we will be having a board meeting and will be required to hold our AGM at which we will need to make some more decisions about our future. Members who feel that there are matters the board should be dealing with should contact us. We cannot do much if we are not informed.

Perhaps a spring event would be welcome by members where we can discuss any issues. One of our board members, Juan-Luis Moreno has offered to give a talk on the situation in Catalonia which is, as we all know, a favoured location for foreigners to vacation and to live, work or retire. The uncertainty sorrounding the government of the region may be causing alarm for those of us with hopes to go there for any length of time. Perhaps a greater understanding of the background of this regional issue will contribute to our understanding of what is happening there and its implications for other parts of Europe. We will post more information on this as we have it from Juan-Luis.

In the summer months we would hope to be staging the PAM-Lingua picnic which has been held back by weather last year. This may include an island visit and some open air cookery with suitable liquid refreshment.

In the autumn we may need to look at seasonal food and drink, in preparation for the end of year festive season and hold a board meeting at the same time.

By the end of the year we should all be primed for a board review of the year meeting and an end of year social event which might match the late finish of last year's event but with yet more members present.

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Board members:

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We now have email addresses for all bar 10 of our members. If you have been receiveing letters from us via snail post then we would recommend that you contact us at  board@pam-lingua.org with your email address. It is more efficient and economic if we can email you. If you do not wish to be contacted by email please let us know. We may not be able to provide all information to you by post but we will do our best to keep you informed.
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