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A successful night!

Presentation and discussion (in English)

led by Professor Juan-Luis Moreno

Thursday, November 29th, 2018

Thanks to all those who attended the event at Tietoranta where Juan-Luis Moreno gave an in-depth and very well constructed presentation on fake news with reference to the situation in Catalunya. Participants in the event came away with much to think about after the presentation. How any of us can look at any newspaper or news broadcast without questioning the veracity of what we are seeing or reading is a measure of what we are encouraged to process by Juan-Luis. The event took longer than expected and there was much discussion after the event which saw us finally depart the venue at 11pm. We must do more of these kind of activities.

Akatemia in Kauniainen looking out for 2019 summer course teachers

English language teachers are going to be needed for next year's summer courses at Akatemia in Kauniainen. Teachers with time available between the start of June and end July should contact Kevin Gardner at Aaktemia if they are interested in having some work: kevin.gardner@akatemia.org

Special board meeting

Candidate nomination meeting for the PAM Congress - June 2019

We made our points clearly

Members of the board met at Tietoranta on Friday 8th February to meet with Heidi Lehikoinen, an organisation manager from PAM. The discussion was, as expected, fairly robust, and some very important points were discussed concerning PAM's planned Target Programme and the position/treatment of PAM-Lingua members under the present systems of PAM with regard to such important matters as earnings-related unemployment benefits.

Daryl Taylor was nominated as the branch representative for the PAM Congress and has prepared a PAM-Lingua position statement for PAM which may lead to our presenting our position at the COngress or at least establishing recognition of the need for change in ther way we are viewed by PAM, along with a real wish to work with changes to the modes of working that are becoming more prevalent today. Needless to say, members of PAM-Lingua have been way ahead of PAM in the ways of working for a long time.

The position statement produced by Daryl can be read here.

Don't forget to use Jobscene if you have a job to advertise that may be suited to our membership or if you - as a member - would like to promote your services - skills - availability - to the marketplace. We will be doing some more work on this but please join in to help promote the service.

Jobscene terms and conditions
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