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Brits in Finland - queries on differences in treatment from Migri concerning residency rights

Some of our members who are Brits have reported different treatment from the various offices of Migri, even though the basic criteria/situation/residence qualification of the members are basically the same - all here more than 5 years - have their KELA cards - have at some point been officially registered in Finland - have married locally - work or run businesses - but are getting different messages from Migri when it comes to sorting out their residency rights post Brexit. Does this include you?

In one case we have a member who has been told to renew his ETA card - at a cost of 54 euros - and can then apply for permanent residency and another told that he does not have to do anything because he registered here back in 2011and because he has a KELA card means he registered as permanently resident. Two members have been told to report for interview at Migri which may seem a bit daunting if you have been here legally for so long.

The question is: does Migri have a defined policy for handling Brits which is in keeping with what their own officials have said (All Points North Podcast, Ilka Salmi 25.01.2019 https://areena.yle.fi/1-50043769 . The scene on the ground seems different to the ideals broadcast in the above programme.

Some might worry that the Brits are to be selectively picked upon for some obscure political motive, either now or after the so called grace period which the Finns plan for Brits in Finland. It should not be the case, but uncertainty breeds anxiety.

We'll be doing some checking and will report back. If you have comments or observations - let us have them by email at board@pam-lingua.org.

Special board meeting

Candidate nomination meeting for the PAM Congress - June 2019

We made our points clearly

Members of the board met at Tietoranta on Friday 8th February to meet with Heidi Lehikoinen, an organisation manager from PAM. The discussion was, as expected, fairly robust, and some very important points were discussed concerning PAM's planned Target Programme and the position/treatment of PAM-Lingua members under the present systems of PAM with regard to such important matters as earnings-related unemployment benefits.

Daryl Taylor was nominated as the branch representative for the PAM Congress and has prepared a PAM-Lingua position statement for PAM which may lead to our presenting our position at the COngress or at least establishing recognition of the need for change in ther way we are viewed by PAM, along with a real wish to work with changes to the modes of working that are becoming more prevalent today. Needless to say, members of PAM-Lingua have been way ahead of PAM in the ways of working for a long time.

The position statement produced by Daryl can be read here.

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