Welcome to the union for language professionals in Finland!  
After a period of being dormant, things kick off with a board meeting on Saturday 11.11.2017 at 2.30 pm.

Among the usual administrative matters to be discussed the board will look at some ways in which the branch can be of use to our members in the jobmarket, as well as encouraging members to join in the social events we plan during the year.

For your information and if you need to contact us the board are:

Paul Allison - Chair

John Sigona - Vice-chair

Daryl Taylor - Treasurer

Michael Möbius - Member

Paul Whybrow - Member

Juan-Luis Moreno - Member

Questions, worries, comments, suggestions?

Just email us:  board(at)pam-lingua.org

Our business area:
  • Articles and features on Education/Language teaching/language skills in various employments
  • Court and cases
  • The law - did you know?
  • What to do when: (some basic guidelines on how to handle situations that may affect your employment)
  • Employers review - the good, the bad and the just don't go there!
  • Training and courses
  • Jobscene
  • Need help, advice, information? Contact us! email us: board(at)pam-lingua.org
  • About PAM-Lingua
  • Join us!
  • Business feedback - members'  views on the job issues of the day


PAM-Lingua Diary:
  • Forthcoming events - details - and write-ups of the events held in the last 6 months
  • Meetings - Due - and the reports of those held in the last 6 months
  • Advertising for members
  • Diary feedback - members' views on diaried events
  • OPE archive (it used to be our printed mag!) and where you find all articles which are relevant to be taken from the main section and archived here for reference
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