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PAM-Lingua merger -
Some progress possible - but nothing firm to report
- update 15 October 2021

PAM suggested a potential merger partner for PAM-Lingua this autumn but as yet we are not able to report on any progress in this direction until discussions have been held and any form of tentative agreement tabled. This will be reported as soon as we have something definitive to discuss and possibly call an extraordinary general meeting to make decisions.

The continuing restrictions due to the Coronavirus pandemic made any summer gathering a non-starter and as we write now, cases are again on the increase in Finland along with concerns over the persistence of non-vaccinated people being at risk of further spreading the illness. As intensive care units fill up with working age people who are not vaccinated or only partly vaccinated then the outlook for any social events is not especially good. This is the case despite the lifting of restrictions - which for many of us may seem an odd policy against a background of infection concern. When might we all meet again? That does not seem to be an easy question to answer but certainly not any time in the immediate future.

If you have not suffered from Coronavirus then you might have wondered what illness has been bugging you that seems like flu but is not. The answer may be suggested by YLE this week in the report of nearly 500 cases of Pogosta disease which is a viral infection spread by that other population in Finland - the mosquito. At worst it causes a painful form of arthritis. Perhaps we will all be living in air conditioned sealed suits before long!

Just in case people have missed the information arising from the AGM this year we have left the minutes of the meeting on the page. See below.

The minutes of the AGM are published here, with short note entries defining the outcome of each item on the agenda as supplied by PAM:

PAM - Lingua
Date: 14 April
Place: Microsoft Teams
Attendees: PAM-Lingua Board plus members as invited and confirmed

Attending: Paul Allison, John Sigona, Daryl Taylor, Paul Whybrow.

Matters discussed

Opening of meeting 18.15

Determine legality and quorum of meeting
The meeting was lawfully convened.

Election of meeting officers
election of chairman Paul Allison
election of secretary Daryl Taylor
3.3.    election of scrutinisers of minutes n/a
election of vote counters n/a

Adoption of agenda Accepted as circulated

Announcements None

Discuss report of activities and accounts and the financial statements for 2020 Presented.

Present report of operations inspector/operations inspectors or auditor, approve financial statements and grant discharge to the board  There were no activities – The finances were OK as audited – All reports approved and board discharged.

Decide on how to use the surplus or cover the deficit Surplus of EUR 28.17 to be included in operating funds for future years.

Discuss matters raised by members, board and union executive committee / contribution by official None.

Any other business
Participants surprised that there was no election of board members, but the incumbent board will continue. August restaurant event discussed and recommended (Covid-19 permitting). Merger with another section still pending, as PAM officials explore our options. Board to convene on Teams at 17.00 on 31.5.21.

Closing of meeting
In fidem: Daryl Taylor

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Many of us will remember some late nights gathered around substantial amounts of food and drink as part of the social scene of PAM-Lingua. Perhaps we should do one more session - if the pandemic restrictions allow!
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