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The jobscene work-finder page is to be published 2018

Following the last board meeting it was agreed to develop a job page where both potential employers and employees can advertsie themselves. We recognise that there are both employed and freelance positions to be filled in the market where additional language ability is an essential qualification. To help members find work and to help prospective employers/contractors find the right workforce where language ability is required then we will run a job page on the PAM-Lingua website which will start out being free to all users. More details will follow and a communication direct to members will also be in the pipeline shortly.

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  • OPE archive (it used to be our printed mag!) and where you find all articles which are relevant to be taken from the main section and archived here for reference

In the meantime - let's party!

Members will have received their invitations to the party on December 16. Other invited guests from selected language schools and related professional areas have also been contacted. Please do reply to the invitation you receive so that we can estimate catering accurately. In the menatime here's what your invite looks like - in case you forgot! Any questions? - email paul.allison@interpress.fi or call 040 414 2300.

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Board members:

Paul Allison - Chair

John Sigona - Vice-chair

Daryl Taylor - Treasurer

Michael Möbius - Member

Paul Whybrow - Member

Juan-Luis Moreno - Member

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