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Brits in Finland

If you are living here permanently and registerd as here before the end of 2020 then you are here to stay...

And you can go away and come back inside 5 years without losing permanent residence.

After some discussions between PAM-Lingua members who are unsure of their status, the PM's office in Finland seems to be presenting some fairly clear information on the subject - see the link below.

Basically, once you have lived here 5 years as an EU citizen (often more in our cases) then you can be registered as a permanent resident (for free). That is my reading on the subject.

One point that seems a little confusing is that after the Brexit transition period do we have to register with Migri again to retain our residency rights (or non-rights as we are not EU citizens any more)?

Readers are welcome to study the PM's office pages via the link below and comment. My impression is that once regsitered as permanent then there is nothing else to do - unless there is an ominous knock on the door in the middle of the night...or more likely a polite letter asking you to drop in for a chat and bring all your documents with you etc.

From what can be read about the shortage of skilled people in Finland it is perhaps unlikely that Brexpats will be herded off to the airport and sent 2nd class package post back to the UK as in most cases we contribute far more than we take from Finnish society.

But - vigilance is always recommended to be sure that fair play is always upheld.

Some useful/thought provoking links - please feel free to add more if you have some:

Does Migri have a defined policy for handling Brits which is in keeping with what their own officials have said (All Points North Podcast, Ilka Salmi 25.01.2019 https://areena.yle.fi/1-50043769 . The scene on the ground seems different to the ideals broadcast in the above programme.

Brexpat rights:
The latest rights information for Brexpats in Finland after Brexit

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PAM-Lingua statement to the 2019 PAM Congress
So we keep it on record and in view - the position statement produced by Daryl can be read here. As yet - no-one has told us of the reply made by PAM; - if there ever was one.

PAM advice to members concerning Coronavirus

PAM's recent mail of its newsletter to members concerning the Coronavirus effects upon its services and members' employment may have some use for members of PAM-Lingua who are now laid off and in need of support.

If the information published by PAM turns out to be of no assistance to you and you feel you have genuine need of union support then please contact us at
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Preparing for the PAM-Lingua AGM 2020

Wishes and wants from members

Soon we will have to plan the next AGM and in such a powerful and motivated forum we will be looking to plan activities for the members this year. So, if you have some burning issues, some heartfelt desires or questions that no-one in this country has yet been able to answer, then try us!
Just drop an email to board@pam-lingua.org and feel free to fire away.

Here are the minutes of last year's scintillating event:

 2019 AGM minutes - PAM-Lingua

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InterNations Finland

Some of us have been receiving promo email from this group which is a multi-country professional social meeting place for expats. Has anyone been along to an event and do they have any views on this club? It seems like a lively social place for a wide range of people in different jobs in Finland who like to meet up. Conversely, some people might feel less keen but let us know if your have tried it!

The InterNations website
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