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The jobscene page, which will enable prospective employers and clients to recruit relevant language professionals and which will enable PAM-Lingua members to promote their skills and services, will be with us soon. Right now it is with the board members for comments and recommendations before we launch the final version. The branch will also be doing some promotion of the page to relevant targets and we hope that members will also help to promote the service.

We still aim for the page to be a free service though if demand and workload requires some minimal charging we will look at that when it arises.

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Recovered from the party?

We would like to thank all those who came along and kept the party swinging on 16 December until the small hours of the following day! No doubt there will be more social events in 2018 and we will be in touch with our members.

We now have email addresses for around half the members. If you have been receiveing letters from us via snail post then we would recommend that you contact us at  board@pam-lingua.org with your email address. It is more efficient and economic if we can email you. If you do not wish to be contacted by email please let us know. We may not be able to provide all information to you by post but we will do our best to keep you informed.

Active Model defeated? But do our unemployed teachers get a fair deal from PAM?

Those PAM LIngua members who may have attended the February 2 protest against the legislation which will effectively penalise jobseekers for not being successful in finding minimal work or for not being active enough in finding work may have been pleased to see that the matter is being forced back to parliament. Some of our members will also feel a certain amount of grievance with PAM concerning the way they are effectively shut out of receiving earnings related unemployment benefits. Some of our members have been voicing their anger about this to us on the board. As Daryl Taylor explained:
"The problem came to our attention in October 2006 when the PAM unemployment fund rejected a benefit claim from a Russian language teacher. I took up this case together with Mikko Vartiainen (one of our best lawyers) and argued it unsuccessfully through the administrative board and Insurance Court. The judgement of the Insurance Court (the highest instance) on 25 April 2007 effectively annulled the dispensation that Tekeri negotiated for private sector language school teachers in 1986.

The key paragraph is at the bottom of page 2 and the start of page 3. It excludes private sector language school teachers from the educational sector referred to in the Government Decree Implementing the Unemployment Benefit Act. This is the instrument empowering the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health to reduce the length of the working week for the purpose of qualifying for employed status in certain industries, and thereby securing the status of unemployed jobseeker when the work ends."

So, PAM-Lingua members who have complained about the manners of PAM staff when attempting to resolve their unemployment rights with PAM do not gain much cheer from this matter. For some it may seem that PAM would like to quietly see this branch of their union disappear but in the meantime take membership dues from teachers who are effectively receiveing a reduced service and lack of support at a critical time for them from their union. Perhaps PAM would like to assist our members a little more when they are temporarily unemployed. It would be a pleasure to have one of our senior union officials at a meeting with some of our members to discuss the matter.

Those who would like to read the judgment can request a copy from the board. (board@pam-lingua.org)

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