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Due to the pandemic there has not been much scope to organise events for PAM-Lingua members and given that our membership does not seem to be the most active in contacting the board, the consequence is that nothing really happens - unless a member gets in touch. Another consequence is that if we do not organise events, either virtually or "in the flesh" then we do not receive funding from PAM beyond the small share of union dues paid by our members. Sad but we have to live with this until things improve. It might also be that PAM-Lingua has reached the end of its useful life and therefore it may well be time to consider the future of the branch.

The board has now regained contact with its treasurer Daryl Taylor and now we shoud be able to finalise administration for this year and explore the future options.

Most members have joined PAM-Lingua so that they can have access to the unemployment fund for support when needed. However, there has been much discussion on this subject which arouses considerable emotion in some members through not being able to access the support of the unemployment fund when out of work.

From what we understand so far, access to unemployment support from the union is based on the law which requires teachers - both in the private and public sector to be fully employed for a minimum amount of time and on the basis of a set number of hours per week before being able to make a claim. In the case of private language school teachers this may be a difficult qualification to attain either thorugh lack of hours or lack of continuity in work contracts. This raises the question of whether it is worth belonging to a union if you are a teacher in this sector where employment conditions may bear little resemblance to the public sector equivalents. You hand over a percentage of your pay for support and then do not get what you believe you have paid for.

We have put the question to PAM about the value of membership if there is no support from the union for private school language teachers. PAM is looking at alternatives for our members and we will report back. We may even have to ask you to make your views known on this matter. Whichever way you look at it, we could be facing the end of this branch. Happy about it? If you have an opinion, please express it. All emails welcome to board@pam-lingua.org.

Here are the minutes of last year's scintillating AGM event:

 2019 AGM minutes - PAM-Lingua

Don't forget to use Jobscene if you have a job to advertise that may be suited to our membership or if you - as a member - would like to promote your services - skills - availability - to the marketplace. We will be doing some more work on this but please join in to help promote the service.

Jobscene terms and conditions

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PAM-Lingua statement to the 2019 PAM Congress
So we keep it on record and in view - the position statement produced by Daryl can be read here. As yet - no-one has told us of the reply made by PAM; - if there ever was one.

InterNations Finland

Some of us have been receiving promo email from this group which is a multi-country professional social meeting place for expats. Has anyone been along to an event and do they have any views on this club? It seems like a lively social place for a wide range of people in different jobs in Finland who like to meet up. Conversely, some people might feel less keen but let us know if your have tried it!

The InterNations website
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